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As we said, if the war stopped today, that’s 20 percent of Ukraine that is gone. With a new approach, maybe some of that land could be taken. Or at the very least, Russia would be in a worse position and Ukraine would be in a better position when diplomatic talks inevitably restart. The diplomatic how to become a security specialist talks that will be necessary to ultimately end the fighting. The other option in front of the Ukrainians is to do what they’re good at, which is small black ops operations behind enemy lines type stuff. I mean, that’s not going to turn the tide of the war more broadly in their favor, right?

So another option is for Ukraine to double down on the things that they are good at. And so that could be black ops going behind enemy lines. We have seen the Ukrainians do these raids into Crimea, these strikes with long range missiles into the Russian Black Sea fleet. We’ve had the first country without a Navy to win a major naval battle against the Russian Black Sea fleet just through these crafty covert operations. So this all seems to go back to the notion that we had at the very beginning of this war, which is, if you’re a little country, how do you go up against one of the world’s biggest armies and win? Moreover, one of the world’s biggest armies in a country run by an autocrat who is OK with having a lot of casualties.

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And then they combine that old technology with a new one. And those drones could spot any movement by the Ukrainians. As the Ukrainians came to move across a minefield, the Russians would move their forces, and they would engage. And the Russians were able to react much more quickly than the Americans or the Ukrainians thought they would. This page includes a summary of what to expect from a typical day on the job as a security specialist. The top-employing states for a career as a security specialist include Virginia, Texas, and California.

it security specialist salary

Salaries differ by state because employers often use their state’s income tax rate and cost of living to determine salary. Their primary responsibility is to function as a desk officer, dispatcher, and 911 operator. Answer telephone, radio, and computer communications lines, dispatch mobile and foot patrols, maintain appropriate records, and operate data terminals. They will maintain a variety of data bases and prepare and file a variety of reports and logs. According to Indeed.com, the following states had employers looking to hire a IT Security Specialist. The quoted salary figure represents the average salary from all job postings by this employer.

Information Security Director Salary by Global Country

Network+ certifies the essential skills needed to confidently design, configure, manage and troubleshoot wired and wireless networks.

  • Now, the Pentagon says Ukraine has enough supplies to last another four to five months.
  • CompTIA certifications establish a baseline foundation of skills that you can build upon with other vendor or technology-specific certifications.
  • The cybersecurity industry affords more job security than many other professions.
  • For example, information security analysts earned a median annual salary of $103,590 as of 2020.

Many jobs for security specialists offer high salaries. For example, information security analysts earned a median annual salary of $103,590 as of 2020. The potential salary for a security specialist varies by experience, education level, location, and industry. Ways to increase a cybersecurity specialist salary include pursuing higher education, earning a certification, or moving to an area with more cybersecurity jobs. The average salary for security specialists goes up for those with higher degrees.

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And that just meant that for too long, there were too few Ukrainian forces. So the US has provided upwards of $75 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine. And a good chunk of that was what came this year, when the US provided armored Stryker vehicles, Bradley fighting vehicles, these HIMARS rocket artillery that could go deep behind Russian lines. That when combined with European tanks from Germany and the United Kingdom, were going to be the backbone of something big.

it security specialist salary

Now, there’s all kinds of reasons the Ukrainians shouldn’t do that. On the other hand, it would really lay out the costs to Moscow. It would really show the Americans what the Ukrainians are capable of. These trench lines where they could keep their troops. We had some of the thickest land mines we’ve seen since the Korean War. Let’s talk about where we actually are in the war right now.

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